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Moore Keynotes California Office on Aging Employer's Forum
Moore was the featured presenter at the “Vision of a Changing Workforce“ forum for employers throughout Southern California.

Caregivers Library Founder Addresses Association of Baptist Ministries For The Aging
Moore keynotes the association meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, providing ideas, insights and solutions for supporting older adults and their caregivers.

Caregiver Library Founder Presents at ASA-NCOA Conference in San Francisco
Ron Moore presented "Making the Business Case for Eldercare Services at Work," showing how the "age wave" and caregiving phenomenon create both opportunities and threats for employers and businesses.    
American Business Cares Creator Keynotes Governor's Conference
Ron Moore presented the business case for why employers must seek solutions to the challenges and costs of an aging population and workforce with increasing family caregiving responsibilities.    
FamilyCare America Speaks at Carter Institute National Conference
Family Care America addresses caregiving in the workplace at The Rosalyn Carter Institute's National Conference.  
Caregiving and Corporate America
American Business Cares creator keynotes conference for AARP.   
Moore Expert Witness
Moore testifies on Caregivers in the Workplace.   

Welcome to the
Employers Section of the National Caregivers Library.

You will find information and tools to help employers understand the impact of caregiving on their people and on the organizations themselves. Other tools may be used to justify, develop and implement Caregiving and Eldercare programs.

What's the impact of caregiving on your business?

Caregiving negatively affects morale, productivity, and costs. And, as a result of family caregiving responsibilities, a tremendous amount of talent, loyalty, and institutional knowledge leaves the workforce every day - either temporarily or full time.

Below are a few brief - yet eye opening - statistics on how this rapidly growing issue impacts businesses.

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Business, Caregiving, and the Bottom Line.


Recruitment, Retention and Training

At any given time, more than 20% of the workforce is dealing with a caregiving situation.

  • 33% of caregivers decrease the number of hours they work
  • 29% quit their job or retire early
  • 22% take a leave of absence
  • 20% change their job status or go part-time

Lost Productivity
  • 53% of caregivers admit that their job performance is negatively affected
  • 84% make caregiving related phone calls during business hours
  • 68% arrive late or leave early
  • 67% take time off from work during the day

Increased Healthcare Cost

Even when your employees are caring for someone not covered by your health plan, YOUR healthcare cost can go up.
  • 75% of working caregivers report an adverse affect on their own health
  • 50% report 8 additional visits per year to a health care provider (for themselves) as a result of their caregiving responsibilities
  • 22% report a significant impact on their own health

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Business, Caregiving, and the Bottom Line


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