Caregiver's Handbook as a Ministry Tool

Ministry Support for Boomers and Seniors

One of the most pervasive things affecting families today is “family caregiving.” Whether someone is dealing with an aging parent or grandparent – or their own spouse, sibling or friend – the stress is enormous and they usually do not have any organized means of understanding and preparing for the relentless process that can easily consume large portions of their lives and psyche.

Many churches offer programs to assist with transportation, nutrition, education, visitation and other areas where caregiving assistance is needed. Increasing numbers of churches are organizing caregiving “fairs” where they bring in speakers and vendors who provide services, such as elder law attorneys, financial planners, geriatric care managers, home health providers, representatives from long term care facilities, aging-in-place specialists and more.

But, one of the most helpful – and least expensive – things a church can do is to provide members with a handbook to help them prepare for various stages of the caregiving process and to organize their affairs.

Why is a Caregiver’s Handbook so helpful?

Caregivers are often unprepared for their role and don’t know how to manage the process or evaluate resources available to them.  It’s not just that they don’t know the answers; they don’t know the questions!

Most people find themselves in the role of caregiver without any preparation. Typically, they are either thrust into the role as a result of some precipitating event such as a loved one breaking a hip or having a stroke, or; they are unsuspecting subjects of “caregiving creep” - that gradual increase in demand for their time and resources – cutting the grass for dad, taking mom grocery shopping, then doing the shopping for her, soon followed by preparing meals to be reheated by her later – you get the picture.

The Caregiver’s Handbook includes approximately 80 pages of helpful information, forms and checklists covering topics that families face throughout the caregiving process.  In addition, we can brand the Handbook with your logo and insert information about your ministries.

An intergenerational ministry tool.

Eldercare is not just a “seniors” issue. In fact, stereotypically, the primary family caregiver is a 40-something female who is employed, raising children and juggling the demands of family and work. Of course, a large percentage of men are caregivers, too. (Learn about The Sandwich Generation.)

More than one of four families is dealing with caregiving and eldercare. Many more realize it is coming but seldom prepare in advance. You are in a position to help these people.  After all, they are your members and neighbors.

Ways to use the Caregivers Handbook for ministry:

  • simply make the Handbook available
  • develop educational sessions around it
  • give it those who attend your "caregiving fairs" or related events
  • use it as part of a family series that you already have planned
  • use it as part of an outreach ministry

We'd be delighted to discuss your plans and make suggestions.  Just give us a call.

We'll even customize the Handbook and brand it as coming from you.

  • We'll put your logo on the cover.
  • You get a “courtesy page” to describe your church and its ministries.
  • Every content page has a header that reminds recipients that their Handbook is compliments of you.

We do it all for you.

We can print and bind your Caregivers Handbooks in a number of ways to fit your budget or special needs.  They can be spiral bound, put into three-ring binders (especially helpful to caregivers), inserted into leather binders or custom bound to your specifications.

Thank you for what you do for your members and your community.  We hope our resources will help you.

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