Who We Are

Who We Are

 The National Caregivers Library is one of the largest single sources of information and tools for caregivers and seniors in the country.  It makes it resources available to caregivers for free through alliances with professionals, businesses and other organizations who serve seniors and their caregivers with a variety of products and services. 

 The library consists of hundreds of useful articles, forms, checklists and links to topic-specific external resources. It is organized into logical categories that address the key needs of caregivers and their loved ones.

 The library also includes an entire section for employers.  It provides tools to help employers understand the impact of caregiving on their people and on the organization itself.  It provides tools to help identify the organizational costs of working caregivers and ways to analyze, justify, develop and implement Caregiving and Eldercare programs to help employees.

 Caregiving Ministries™ (www.CaregivingMinistries.org) provides valuable resources for clergy, church leaders and caregivers including tools and support for starting ministry programs, organizing and motivating volunteers, and funding ministry programs.

 As a clearinghouse for the exchange of ideas and programs that minister to those in need, Caregiving Ministries serves as a repository for “best of breed” ministry programs in order to accelerate the creation and implementation of care ministries by shortening the “research and study” process.

 How To Reach Caregivers™ provides integrated business development, networking and prospecting programs for businesses, professionals and organizations that sell to, or support, seniors and their caregivers.

 Fidia Advisors, LLC www.FidiaAdvisors.com) is a partner and supporter of the Caregivers Library.  Fidia specializes in the business implications of an aging population and the caregiving phenomenon.  We assist clients in developing and implementing specific responses to market opportunities (and threats) created by an aging population with ever increasing caregiving responsibilities.  Services include opportunity identification and analysis, concept development, business planning, financial modeling, strategic planning and mergers & acquisitions.

 How the Caregivers Library Supports Itself:

  • Sales of its Caregivers Handbooks
  • Providing Executive Briefings and Training Sessions
  • Keynote Speeches and other Public Speaking
  • Media, publishing and special events
  • Sponsorships and marketing partnerships
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