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social media marketing with instagram

When I started my photography company I was intimated when people would tell me that it was going to be about 20% photography and 80% business. I was in love with everything photography related, but hadn’t yet got a handle on the business side of things. buy instagram likes free trial It took a lot of learning by trial and error, but I have come to really enjoy everything about running a business… Most of all I enjoy marketing! Social media marketing is an amazing tool that has radically changed the way a business can reach its audience! I think businesses are crazy if they don’t utilize the free marketing tools that have recently come about. Instgram is FREE!! Why not use it to share your art, business, and passion with the world??? It has been incredible for me and my business. It’s amazing the people I have ‘met’ by posting images and interacting with others through their photos!One of these people is a very sweet gal, Laura! She is a wedding planner located in Toronto, Canada. We bonded on our shared love for everything weddings and an intense wanderlust for travel! After chatting for awhile she asked me for some of my wedding photos and put together a such a sweet blog post!I am constantly blown away and blessed by the kindness of the people I meet in the industry!As Laura said in her post – we share a strong desire to plan and photograph a wedding in PARIS!! If you or anyone you know is planning a wedding in the wonderful city of lights and love, please do reach out! We would love to hear from you!!

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SMB advice: How to use Instagram for social media marketing

ContentLEAD mostly reports on social media trends pertaining to classic networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. However, we’ve been getting many inquiries about tips for Instagram, and we thought it’d be a good idea buy small instagram likes to explain how to use the picture-sharing service for your small business. While Facebook recently lost during the month of April 2013, Instagram has seen a surge in popularity among younger demographics. According to a recent 13 percent of internet users take and share pictures using the mobile app Instagram, and women are more likely to use it than men. More, are using Instagram in their. Read on to see how you can integrate this social platform in your marketing mix.You want to have an editorial calendar to map out which types of photos get displayed. For example, you can publish product images from your website or graphics from your latest white paper to keep your company’s name in front of your online audience.The company publishes visual content that reminds its followers about upcoming classes, events like a bachelorette party cycling class and images of branded merchandise. This is important as a single photo can help companies communicate more effectively with their online customers. When you post photos on Instagram, make sure you are connecting your followers with your other social accounts, so you can keep their attention and eventually drive traffic back to your website. When you use Instagram to support your Facebook marketing and Google+ programs, you increase your chances of improving website conversions.

Monitor Instagram and update your overall content marketing

No matter how you use Instagram, it’s important to measure the results of any campaign you run. Monitor how much traffic comes to your website from links associated with your photos – if you see a lot of leads engage your Instagrams from Twitter, buy likes on instagram free make sure you build a cross-platform strategy around your customer’s current online behaviors. There are many tools to help you compile Instagram analytics reports, but if you aren’t using the photo-sharing service as support for your stronger networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn, then you’re wasting your time.Marketing on Instagram isn’t a waste of time – Instagram is a fast-growing social network among younger users that cannot be overlooked. As social media is inherently visual, you can’t get more visual than Instagram. Getting started is easier than it seems, but you must make sure you set realistic expectations before you start.You won’t increase website conversions with the photo-sharing site alone, and your images won’t generate a lot of traffic without a clear editorial strategy. This guide is meant to provide you with some ideas on how to begin using Instagram for smarter social media marketing, so your pictures garner the most ROI possible.

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