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Social Media Statistics To Improve Your Marketing Strategies

Social Media has become the pivotal quantity when it comes to any kind of digital marketing strategy. Giants like Facebook and Twitter have taken over all other forms of online buy 20 instagram followers marketing and have delivered ecstatic results for businesses all around the globe. This has tremendously increased the importance of Social Media for any business. The importance can well be confirmed through the overwhelming statistics. Over 93% of marketers use social media for business with a few exceptions like Apple which has till now refrained from Social Media as a marketing tool. This belief in social media is due to the fact that most of the consumers of all diversified goods are active online. In fact, 72% of all internet users are active on Social Media. That is in itself a huge market waiting to be exploited.

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LinkedIn- Power of Professional Networking

LinkedIn is the best platform for your business to generate more target leads and sales. It has a lower percentage of users than Pinterest, Google+, Twitter or facebook with a current base of just over 300 million users. This means that the probability of your word reaching the users is far more. Moreover, buy real instagram followers there are 2 new users on LinkedIn every second. LinkedIn has powerful tools like endorsements and groups which can help you to build a reputation or credibility and quality for your business. Current there are over 1 Billion LinkedIn endorsements which shows the growing popularity of the platform as a benchmarking tool. Click here for more stats. If any business is serious about increasing sales, revenue and business relationships then they need to spend more time on LinkedIn than other social media channels and work on building their professional networks.

Twitter Power

Twitter ranks higher than facebook when it comes to marketers trying to engage with buyers. Salesforce’s survey showed that 79% of Twitter users engage customers on the platform, more than Facebook’s 74%. Although 44% of Twitter users have never tweeted but still, the effects of Twitter on Social Media marketing is huge as it is the largest online community and the best option for buy followers on instagram app customer support, direct customer communication, quick engagement and prolonged activity in business. Twitter also provides one powerful module where business can analyze their each tweet’s engagement & impression ratio and its called Twitter Analytics.

Social Media Advertising

Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn & YouTube allow business to promote their brands through various forms of advertising. This process has had tremendous success as business are able to base their ad campaigns based on extensive research which is done by tapping into individual interests and inclinations of the users. 51% of the brands prefer Facebook for advertisements. This is evidently because people spend lot more time on Facebook than any other social media. 68% of marketers think that advertising on social media is very effective for business. Research from and SalesForceindicates a trademark shift in the mind-set of the marketers. 38% of these marketers plan to shift their spending from traditional advertising to digital and online channels for better results.

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