Spotting Health Fraud

Unfortunately, the sick and elderly are often the targets of health fraud. How can you tell if your loved one has become a victim?

Do you know what health fraud is? And, can you spot it? Health fraud occurs when medical treatments that are either untested or have been shown not to work are marketed and sold to unsuspecting consumers. The elderly are the population most targeted as consumers, but any consumer looking for an easy medical answer is at risk. Below are some tips for spotting health fraud. Just remember, when in doubt, be wary. To check possible health products or services, contact your doctor or pharmacist and ask about the specific product.

In general, your loved one may be the target of health fraud if he or she:

  • Buys a product or service based upon an individual’s (common or famous) advertised testimonial rather than scientific fact.
  • Buys a product or service that is advertised with catchy words like “amazing.”
  • Buys a product or service that claims to cure a serious disease.
  • Buys a product or service that claims to cure more than one disease.
  • Buys a product or service whose claims seem too good to be true.

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