Where To Find Additional Help

A guide to community-based services that can provide needed assistance to caregivers whose loved ones have suffered strokes.

Local Stroke Clubs And Support Groups

These are groups where stroke survivors and family members can share their experiences, help each other solve problems, and expand their social lives. Ask your doctor or hospital discharge planner for information about support groups in your area.

Home Health Services.

These are available from the Visiting Nurses Association, public health departments, hospital home care departments, and private home health agencies. Services may include nursing care, rehabilitation therapies, personal care (for example, help with bathing or dressing), respite care (which allows you to take a vacation or a short break from caregiving responsibilities), homemaker services, and other kinds of help.

Meals On Wheels

Hot meals delivered to the homes of people who cannot easily shop and cook.

Adult Day Care

A service that specializes in providing care for people who cannot be completely independent. Adult day centers provide meals and social activity—and perhaps even health-care and rehabilitation services—for their clients.

Friendly Visitor Or Other Companion Services

A paid or volunteer companion makes regular visits or phone calls to a person with disabilities.

Transportation Services

Most public transportation systems have wheelchair-accessible buses. Some organizations and communities also provide vans to take people with mobility problems on errands such as shopping or doctor’s visits.

Many communities have service organizations that can be of tremendous help to caregivers. Some programs are free, while others may feature “sliding scale” fees based on income. It takes some work to find out what services and payment arrangements are available in your area. The social workers in the hospital or rehabilitation program where your loved one was treated are good sources of information. Also, talk to local religious organizations and the United Way. Another good place to look is the Yellow Pages, under “Health Services,” “Home Health Care,” “Senior Citizen Services,” or “Social Service Organizations.”

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Adapted from Recovering After a Stroke, AHCPR Publication No. 95-0664, prepared by the Agency for Healthcare Policy and Research.

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