Rehabilitation Goals

The basic goals of stroke rehabilitation.

  • Being able to walk, at least with a walker or cane, is a realistic goal for most stroke survivors.
  • Being able to take care of oneself with the aid of some special equipment is a realistic goal for most.
  • Being able to drive a car is a realistic goal for some.
  • Having a job can be a realistic goal for some people who were working before the stroke. For some, the old job may not be possible but another job or a volunteer activity may be.

Reaching treatment goals does not mean the end of recovery. It just means that your loved one is ready to continue recovery on his or her own. Rehabilitation professionals, your loved one, you, and other family members are vitally important partners in rehabilitation. Rehabilitation works best when stroke survivors and their loved ones work together as a team.

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Adapted from Recovering After a Stroke, AHCPR Publication No. 95-0664, prepared by the Agency for Healthcare Policy and Research.

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