Diabetes, Medicare, And Equipment

Your loved one with diabetes probably needs special medical equipment to help manage his or her condition. And Medicare will pick up a large percentage of the cost, if your loved one qualifies.

Medicare’s Expanded Coverage For Diabetes Equipment And Supplies

Medicare Now Includes Coverage For:

  • Glucose monitors
  • Test strips
  • Lancets

Who Benefits?

All Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes (insulin treated and noninsulin treated).

What Do You Pay?

20 percent of the Medicare-approved amount after the annual Part B deductible.

How To Get Supplies

With a doctor’s prescription, your loved one can go to a:

  • Local pharmacy
  • Hospital or clinic pharmacy
  • Medical equipment supplier

Note: If your loved one receives glucose monitor supplies from a supplier without asking for them, Medicare will not pay the cost. They should not pay for supplies they or you did not request.

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Adapted from Expanded Coverage for Diabetes, prepared by the Health Care Financing Administration.

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