Signs of Visual Impairment

Losing your eyesight can be frightening, and many people try to ignore—or cover up—the problem. Here are some signs to look for if you suspect that your loved one’s sight may be fadin

There are many recognizable signs that an individual is living with a visual deficiency. If you suspect that your loved one is doing so, look for any of the following symptoms. If such symptoms continue to occur over a two-week period, encourage your loved one to have an eye exam.

Daily Activities:

  • Changes in how normal activities such as watching T.V. or driving are performed
  • Squinting to get an object in focus
  • Trouble locating familiar objects in a familiar environment
  • Wearing mismatched clothing


  • Leaning against the wall when walking (in the absence of other physical ailments)
  • Running into objects
  • Difficulty walking on uneven surfaces


  • Difficulty getting food onto a utensil
  • Difficulty serving from a platter
  • Frequently spilling food
  • Frequently knocking over items while reaching for something else


  • Inability to read without holding an object very near the face or at an odd angle
  • Difficulty writing on the lines of a piece of paper
  • Handwriting that is becoming less clear
  • Frequent complaining that the lighting is inadequate for reading or writing

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