The Caregiving Process

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The Caregiving Process


  • Caregiving Basics What is a caregiver? What does a caregiver do? Here are some things to think about as you begin your own caregiving process.

  • Chronic or Ongoing Care How can you improve the quality of care you provide? What changes (if any) need to be made? Here are some guidelines for evaluating your role in the ongoing care process.

  • End-of Life Caregiving Here are some issues and approaches worth considering in an end-of-life caregiving situation.

  • Planning for Tomorrow Once you’ve addressed your loved one’s immediate needs, both you and the person you care for need to think about planning for the future.

  • The Caregiving Process Caregiving is a process that evolves over time. Understanding and anticipating changing situations will help you be a better caregiver.

Caregivers Handbook

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