Good Listening Skills

Learning to communicate effectively with your loved one is often simply a matter of learning to listen. Here are eight tips that can help you be a better listener.

Tips for being a good listener:

  1. Stop yourself from talking.
  2. Try to imagine yourself in your loved one’s circumstances, but don’t assume that he or she will respond in the same way that you would.
  3. Show that you’re paying attention by relaxing physically, initiating and maintaining eye contact, and sticking to the topic of conversation.
  4. Refrain from talking about yourself.
  5. Continue to encourage your loved one to talk by asking open-ended questions.
  6. Don’t assume what your loved one is thinking or feeling and don’t talk for him or her.
  7. Repeat what your loved one says in your own words to make sure that you understand his or her meaning.
  8. Don’t pass judgment on your loved one’s thoughts or feelings.

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