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Reaching Seniors and Caregivers is Challenging

Call it what you want – the caregiving economy, the senior market, the boomer market.  But whatever you call it, developing and maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage is never easy.  To make matters worse, your ideal prospects aren’t necessarily the end-users.  They could be an end-user’s adult child (or children) or another person providing care or influencing their purchasing decisions.

Your target customers are everywhere you go, but most remain elusive, invisible, or seemingly inaccessible. Unless you already know them personally, caregivers seldom raise their hands and say “Hey, I am a caregiver; do you sell anything that I might need?”  No wonder you might be frustrated!

 The multi-trillion dollar “caregiver economy” is right in front of you, yet the decision makers and influencers for your particular product or service are often indistinguishable from the crowd – unless you know exactly how to look and how to attract them to you.

We offer business development and community relations program that addresses these challenges in creative, effective and affordable ways. Participation in the program is open to providers of quality services for caregivers and seniors (whether for-profit or not-for-profit). We offer this program to organizations who are successful and who understand the value of putting an integrated marketing solution to work in their own communities. 


What our programs can do for your business: 

  • Help you attract more customers
  • Turn all employees into ambassadors of your company – even those whose role is not to sell
  • Differentiate your business from your competitors · Places you in front of potential customers at the most opportune times – their times-of-need and at points-of-trust
  • Provide others with reasons to pass your name along to people who may need your service
  • Gives employers and organizations reasons to provide YOUR name to caregivers and seniors 

We help you provide value to your key constituents – those who influence caregivers’ and seniors’ 

You benefit from the combined power of all of our resources to provide value to prospects and referral sources and using our community marketing tools work for you to introduce you to new relationships. 

Give us a call to see if our Community Partner programs are a fit for you.

Ron Moore, Founder
National Caregivers Library


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